A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries

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The plants need well-draining, slightly acidic soil and direct sun to develop strong fruiting canes.


Bed sizes can vary, depending on the cultivar, but they should be at least 8 to 12 inches high and from 2 to 5 feet wide. Blueberry bushes grow to various heights and, depending on the cultivar, require with pH of 4.

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Peat and muck soils are suitable, notes University of California Cooperative Extension, but if the pH falls below 4. If the pH is above 5.

Growing Blueberries – Quick Guide

Make amendments to the soil in the raised bed a year before planting. Three main species of blueberry, with hundreds of cultivars, grow in Mediterranean climates and throughout the United States: High-bush Vaccinium corymbosum , perennials that reach from 5 to 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide; Low-bush V. Blueberry bushes have shallow, thin roots that grow in top layers of soil. Because they do not have root hairs to absorb water and nutrients, the plants are sensitive to environmental conditions.

What Sizes of Raised Beds Are for Blueberries?

Raised beds allow plant roots to spread and absorb moisture without drowning in water. Soil beds of 8 to 12 inches high and 2 to 5 feet wide work well for most blueberry bushes. Ideally, mounds should be set about eight feet apart to allow for root spreading and above-ground maintenance. The location and the number of blueberry bushes planted determines specific space requirements. Temporary beds made from compacted dirt mounds, with inner pockets of loose, tilled soil are not structurally contained.

Although these temporary beds are easier and less expensive to build, they may crumble, erode or fall during the growing season.

Growing Blueberries - Quick Guide and Master Grower's Tips

Instead, build raised beds with treated lumber, plastic, rubber, concrete blocks, bricks or stones. They hold the mounds in place, control erosion and last indefinitely. Plant dormant, 2-year-old, container-grown or bare-root blueberry plants in the ground in fall, winter or early spring to help them become established for the following growing season.

Recommended planting times vary by climate and cultivar.

Space the blueberries four to five feet apart. Firm the soil around them to remove air pockets. Water and prune the blueberries when you first plant them, but do not add fertilizers.

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Ensure you mulch well to retain a cool, moist but not wet they hate wet feet environment for the shallow, fibrous root system during the growing season. Blueberries are hardy to minus four degrees, although any frost will damage flowers. Water is vital for the full development of your berries, which swell rapidly in the last two weeks of ripening.

Lack of water can mean undersized dark berries and a poor crop.

Minimum pruning consists of the removal of dead or damaged wood, any weak growth or twiggy old branches. Remove some of the oldest branches after four to five years to encourage new growth. While light pruning is possible year-round, winter is the best time for heavy pruning. Search the site GO. Soil preparation Blueberries require a fertile, acidic, well-drained site with all day sun for them to fruit well; they also love lots of organic matter.

A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries
A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries
A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries
A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries
A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries A Gardeners Guide To Blueberries

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