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Babies this little are not going to give you the kind of feedback you might desperately wish for after that grueling labor and those sleepless nights. Partly, your little one's just following her nose: In one study, researchers put a nursing newborn between two breast pads, one belonging to her mother.

The scent of Mom's milk was enough to get the baby to turn toward that pad. Become the foremost expert on what your baby's various cries mean. Relentless and desperate usually means hunger, abrupt might mean pain, and more plaintive can signal discomfort.

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You'll figure it out through trial and error, eventually grasping nuances that will baffle outsiders. The better you know his language, the better you can meet his needs. In fact, she says, research shows that caregivers are in perfect sync with their babies only about 40 percent of the time.

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What's more important is that you will learn to recognize and respond when your baby needs you. We're talking about the smiles, the meaningful looks, the coy looking away and back again think back to ninth-grade study hall; you get the idea! These goofy games appear to be as important in cementing a baby's attachment as your responses to her physical needs.

At around 4 months, she'll also be unable to take her eyes off of you. And who can blame her? Flirt back—and don't be afraid to use exaggerated expressions. Your child's starting to realize that with a single look, she can show you how happy she is that you're around—and that it's a feeling worth sharing, since you'll beam back. You know those people who say that your baby's early smiles are just gas or an involuntary reflex?

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Don't listen to them. Recent research indicates that an infant's grin may mean a lot more. The goofy newborn smiles may be your baby reflecting your own smile.

He's instinctively building a bond with you. The first true social smiles start brightening moms' days between 6 and 8 weeks. Your baby may smile when he sees your face—or Dad's or a big sib's.

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He's starting to associate your face with feeling good. The bond deepens! Babies often pick a favorite object, like a stuffed animal or a blankie, at around a year old.

Gopnik explains that these transitional objects symbolize you and your affection, which explains the histrionics if you—heaven forbid! Let your child keep his lovey close by in situations where he might feel insecure, if that's possible.

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Don't worry that there's some set time to get rid of it, as with a bottle. Chances are he won't be clutching it as he walks down the aisle on his wedding day though, let's be honest, many of us still have Mr. Fuzzybear tucked away somewhere. The next step is linking those sounds and smells he trusts with something he can see. That's why he'll start studying your face as if he's trying to memorize it. In a way, he is. He's making sure he knows what comfort—and love—looks like.

So next time you catch your baby's eyes locked on you, give him time to drink you in.

Newborn baby waking up and smiles when he sees mommy!

Sometime around a year old, your baby might start giving kisses—and they probably won't be chaste pecks. Expect wet and sloppy ones that land sometimes hard! Evvi's enthusiasm shows she's been paying attention to the way her mom shows affection, and she wants to do the same, says Richard Gallagher, Ph. Babies are eager learners when it comes to physical affection, and there's no one they'd rather practice on than Mom and Dad. Kerry Smith recently noticed that her 6-month-old son, Leo, has a new way of expressing whom he wants the most. Many babies adore being held right from the start, but it takes about six months until they have the physical and cognitive abilities to ask for a pick-me-up.

It's a body-language expression of how much they've come to trust and adore their parents.

The best mom and son quotes illustrate the unique relationship that the two family members share. After all, there are plenty of sweet and funny quotes about sons out there that can be relevant for both mothers and fathers.

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But quotes about sons and mothers specifically serve as a reminder of the power of this particular bond. No matter what the day has been like, it never hurts to remind your son just how much you care. Who knows? Maybe he'll even thank you for all those "You will always be my little boy" quotes — one day down the road!

I Remember Mommys Smile I Remember Mommys Smile
I Remember Mommys Smile I Remember Mommys Smile
I Remember Mommys Smile I Remember Mommys Smile
I Remember Mommys Smile I Remember Mommys Smile
I Remember Mommys Smile I Remember Mommys Smile
I Remember Mommys Smile I Remember Mommys Smile

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