Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner

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Round yarn in a square hole. To Graft or Not to Graft. Color blending with two strands of yarn. Socks Dyeing plant fibers with fiber reactive dyes. Bacardi, hold the lime.

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More dyeing with food color. Felting in the old way. Loom knitting. Felted beads. Extreme knitting: 2 socks in 1. Put it in reverse. Finger knitting. Seduced by beads. Want to knit faster? Are you ready to tackle colour work? Knitting continental style — with the yarn in your left hand rather than right — is the key to speed, and also helps you enormously with colorwork. Learn how to work with multiple colors in your knitting, in multiple ways. And if you cut, what to do about all those ends.

A blanket is a great way to celebrate a new baby or a new parent in your life. Learn how to make the criss-cross design with slipped stitches using either a cable needle or simply the two needles already in your hands. This is also a great opportunity for a gentle intro to chart-reading. In the second half of the class, students start a pair of full-size mittens. Nothing creates a warmer, cozier mitten than thrumming.

By knitting strips of lofty un-spun wool roving into your mitten, you create a warm, fluffy layer of insulation inside your mittens, that will protect you from the harshest Canadian winds and cold temperatures. This class includes our Thrummed Mitten Kit and guidance for all the techniques you need to make your own pair of the warmest mittens possible!

Entrelac is one of the most beautiful and mystifying of knitterly arts! Since most of the charts are relatively uncomplicated, this kit is especially well-suited to any knitter who is comfortable with knitting in the round but has little or no experience in colourwork more experienced knitters are of course welcome as well.

This class teaches students how to build the foundation row, perform the Tunisian simple, purl and knit stitches and how to bind off. You will leave with these skills as well as a pattern for a simple cowl to practice your skills!

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Ready to step up your crochet game? Learn how to make this tee in no time! The popular top-down, one-piece construction allows you to continuously try on your garment and adjust to ensure that it perfectly fits you. This class will walk you through how to crochet the Speak to Me Tee with the designer herself. The Circular and top-down yoke construction comes with modifications to adjust for any bust, waist and hip size! Suitable for an adventurous beginner, this pattern is entirely made up of very simple stitches. You will be able to successfully make this tee in no time!

Why stop at yarn? With wire, a handful of beads, and a crochet hook you can crochet beautiful jewelry for yourself and friends.

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By the end of this class students will have learned the foundations of crocheting with wire and made a beautiful three-stranded necklace. Amigurumi is a cute, quirky style of crocheting toys that is hugely popular in Japan. This class is a great first crochet project! The winter snow has -finally- arrived! We will begin by learning learning how to make a basic crocheted snowflake and how to read a variety of snowflake patterns. We will also discuss the basics behind washing, blocking, and starching your snowflakes for hanging in the window, on the mantle, from your cubicle, or anywhere else that could use some extra fractals.

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Learn the ancient art of spinning your own yarn from simple puffs of wool. We will learn about different spin-able fibres, how they are prepared before spinning, and how to control your wool while you use your spindle to add twist. You will leave the class able to use any dyed or natural fibre to make your own unique, and usable yarns for knitting, crochet, embroidery, or weaving! Classes Welcome to our list of upcoming classes! If you would like to learn something that is not on our schedule feel free to inquire about private or custom group lessons.

Includes decorative techniques plus so much more. A brief history of knitting in Estonia. Describes traditional shawl design and techniques that the knitter will need to know. Discusses the history and traditions of Aran Knitting with wonderful patterns. The designs are detailed and intricate. The cable designs are interesting and varied. You will also learn about a brief history of Aran.

This book suits beginners to more advanced knitters. Clara Parkes, an authority in the knitting industry writes about nine different types of wool. The book discusses on her lifelong love of wool. The Book covers her experience with spinning, knitting and observing wool. This book helps knitters understand how wool behaves and covers the use of different yarns in knitting.

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A super interesting read. This knitting book has crystal-clear instructions and explanations. Easy for anyone to follow. Many of the designs are quite simple and any beginner could do them without too much difficulty. There are enough designs in this book to please the beginner knitter. Also for the most experienced knitter looking for a challenge. For those of you who love vintage knitting patterns. Included in this book are knitting and crochet patterns for women, from the periods to The authors passion for vintage knitting shines through.

The designs are gorgeous.

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Includes basic knitting patterns for different projects- sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and socks. Very humorous writing, with excellent knitting tips. Covers all the mysteries of swatching, stashing, ribbing and rolling plus more. This guide contains an overview of some of the more common problems a knitter faces.

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Excellent for beginner knitters but more advanced knitters will also find it helpful. This informative book of yarn, makes a lot things clearer. It definitely helps in making wiser yarn choices!.

Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner
Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner
Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner
Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner
Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner Knitting Socks For The Absolute Beginner

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