Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit

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Senate debate: Oct. The hourlong debate will be held on the campus of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston and aired on television stations throughout the state.

On Sept. Commissioners also stressed the importance of regulating and enforcing laws already in place. In a move supported by Covenant House to combat human trafficking, the city approved a measure earlier this year to prohibit dancers under 21 from performing. Former Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson Palmer, who held the District C seat serving most of downtown, urged the CPC and the City Council to strengthen age limit laws by prohibiting any employees under Kool and the Gang performs Friday night. For more information, visit www.

Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit

Awards, as well as his National Medal of Arts. During her six-year tenure, Pinder transformed the organization into a national force by expanding its signature event, the annual New Orleans Film Festival which takes place Oct. Pinder and her staff parlayed that success into a constant stream of public screenings and other film-related events for local audiences, many of them free of charge.

Gerald Ursin Jr. He also admitted he got a portion of the overbilled payments via checks made out to his family members. That amount puts the event in the top echelons of most expensive natural disasters ever to hit the U. Last week, Edwards made his second trip to Washington D. Several hundred people still are in shelters and thousands are mucking out their houses.

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Some are staying long-term with friends or relatives, while others are in hotels and motels for the foreseeable future. Now is not the time to ease up on aid for our neighbors. Baton Rouge Food Bank is in the process of rebuilding its warehouse and is working out of a temporary home one-tenth the size of its original facility. It lacks the capacity to accept all food donations now. However, you can donate money or volunteer hours to help, or if you have food to donate, email disasterfood brfoodbank.

Baton Rouge can donate locally at Second Harvest Food Bank, which has worked with other Louisiana food banks to bring goods and supplies to affected areas. For drop-off locations or direct donations, visit www.

The list of needed items includes canned or nonperishable food, cleaning supplies and tools, disposable diapers, baby food, plastic utensils, paper products and blankets. Like most disaster relief charities, the warehouse is not accepting clothing. Drop off donations truckloads of supplies are welcome at Dawnadele Ave. The cameras may be gone, but the effects of the disaster continue.

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Please continue to help. Considering the sources for the allegations are all unnamed, and considering Boustany has never been implicated in anything like this before, his anger is understandable.

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What makes this an interesting story to me is the politics of it all, not the sex. David Vitter for years and ultimately ended his career. The political angle is what Boustany focused on in his conference call, taking more shots at state Treasurer John Kennedy, the front-runner in the Senate race, than at Ethan Brown, author of the book Murder In the Bayou, in which the allegations appear.

Charles Boustany left accuses state Treasurer John Kennedy right of spreading rumors in advance of a packed race for the U. Senate seat being vacated by David Vitter. Hey Blake, On a patch of lawn between the old World Trade Center and the ferry terminal on Canal Street is a statue of a man on a horse. Can you help?

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Born in Spain in , Galvez was a military leader there who was sent to the vast Louisiana territory in to serve as its governor. His tenure coincided with the American Revolutionary War to Those efforts gave the Spanish control of all of the territory known as West Florida and ended any possibility of a British offensive up the Mississippi River.

During his time as governor, Galvez also was known for settling many immigrants from the Canary Islands in Louisiana. When those immigrants, known as the Islenos, arrived here, they were sent to four new settlements, including Galveztown, which was named for Galvez and located near Bayou Manchac — and most memorably in what we know today as St. Bernard Parish. As for the foot bronze equestrian statue of Galvez that sits between the World Trade Center and the Canal Street ferry landing, it is the work of Spanish sculptor Juan de Avalos.

It was a gift from the government of Spain to the U. A statue of Don Bernardo de Galvez honors his years as governor of Louisiana from to States, Lt. Jimmy Fitzmorris and Mayor Moon Landrieu. The hotel itself has gone by many names over the years, including Grunewald, Fairmont and Roosevelt. For more than 30 years, another name was well-known there: owner Seymour Weiss.

After serving in World War I, he went to the Roosevelt looking for a job and was hired to manage the hotel barbershop. By , Weiss had worked his way up to the position of president. He became a confidant of Gov. In , Weiss sold the hotel. He died in Awesome party platters? To order, call and ask for Catering. Southern Rep opens its season with. The Marigny Opera Ballet also debuts a locally set original work with an original score, Giselle Deslondes. Plenty of national headliners have dates in New Orleans this fall, starting with Beyonce at the Superdome on Saturday.

Blige and Bonnie Raitt also are on the concert schedule. Claude Ave. Orpheum Theater. Boyle, Jonathan Gibson, Simon A. Sargon and others.

Orpheum Theater OCT. Thomas St. Mandeville Lakefront, Mandeville. Orpheum Theater NOV. Ritz-Carlton, Canal St. Enjoy live music, gorgeous views of Royal Street, and a seat at the Carousel itself — where for 65 years patrons like Capote, Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams have spun their evenings and their stories. The Birth of a Nation chronicles the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner.

Jackson as the leader of a group determined to kill them. Simmons starts sniffing around accountant Christian. This time, Langdon Hanks comes to an Italian hospital with a case of amnesia, and he and Dr. Sienna Brooks Felicity Jones race to stop a deadly plot. Truman after saving the lives of 75 fellow Americans at the Battle of Okinawa.

Rowling makes her screenwriting debut with this American-set spinoff, in which Newt Scamander Eddie Redmayne , author of the titular Hogwarts textbook, must recapture magical creatures that have escaped from his traveling menagerie. Miller Silicon Valley organizes an epic holiday shindig with a little help from Jason Bateman.

Vance and Vanessa Bayer. Bryan Cranston faces off against James Franco in this comedy about a buttoned-up man whose daughter is dating an over-the-top internet billionaire with no social graces, from Meet the Parents screenwriter John Hamburg. FrankN-Furter in the popular musical. The Musical Playmakers A high school is upset by nuclear mishaps in this campy zombie musical. Goat in the Road production reprises its original work about the invention of anesthesia. Sigmund Freud and C. Lewis engage in a spirited battle of wits over topics of love, sex, theism and more.

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Bernard Parish-based The Company presents the musical about a florist and his Venus flytrap. Festival of Arts www. Around the globe, fringe festivals are known for packing lots of alternative theater shows and experimental works into short periods of time. The final New Orleans Fringe Festival in packed 70 shows — including genre mashups of theater, dance, music, comedy, aerial, circus and sideshow acts — into five days.

Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit
Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit
Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit
Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit
Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit Nikolai Dante #1: The Strangelove Gambit

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