Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends

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5 Holiday Urban Legends & Whether Or Not They're True

It is now a very wet tomorrow here. Referred to as Boxing Day, which leads to a few interesting comments from my students. Legally, it is a public holiday, but as it falls on a Sunday this year, it's hard to tell the difference. It's always a much more relaxed day than Christmas day, with leftover food, leftover drink and two of the major sporting events starting. A very interesting book is "Can Reindeer Fly? He visits us every year, coming from Spain on a steamboat, and brings gifts, mainly for children. No child believes in Santa Claus, but they all believe in Sinterklaas!

Who needs a fat old man in a tracksuit, when you can have Sinterklaas!!?? Merry Christmas!!

I read somewhere that Dec 25 is also the date of the end of Winter Solstice.. I'm not sure if it's the same with the birth of the Sun haha.. It makes sense though if it is..

The winter soltise is the 21sr of december which is the shortest day of the year. It is also the yule festival which is why I am a bit unsure on the 25th birth of the sun thing. Maybye the romans had a different day to the celts and norse. I celebrated christmas yesterday, as is custom in my country. Not quite sure why, though i think it coincided with an old pagan holiday.

Especially liked 4 — had no idea that the Christmas Tree was an original act of defiance against another religion deemed false! I'm sorry, people can explain about Xmas being "every bit as religious" as Christmas but I think most of the general public — and this is an assumption — who use the abbrievated word would not know, understand or care about the original meaning of using an "X" to replace the word "Christ"!

It's lazy and it's taking the word "Christ" out of Christmas. What would be good is if we could pronounce the word "Christ" at the start of Christmas instead of saying it as "Chris" like a person's name and then more people may understand why we have Christmas … that's if they know what "Christ" means! I kind of agree. I was always under the assumption that "Christ" was replaced with X because an X is a criss-cross. Since "Christ" sounds like "Chris," it just made sense to change it like that for some people.

Does that make sense?

The Soldier’s Night Before Christmas

My brother was telling me he thought it was because the word "cross" could be substituted for Christ in the name, and the "X" can represent "cross", as the letter itself resembles one. I pointed out that a "t" would work better in the same situation, but whatever…. Huh, that makes sense too. In any case, I wonder if the people who first used the term "X-mas" actually knew about the Greek and all that business, or if it was just some sot of marketing ploy or something.

In my home we do say Christ-mas. But we also call those tall pink birds "flaming-os". While taking notes in fast-paced lecture, I found that writing shorthand X-ian or XN was much easier than writing out Christian. When my brother, Christopher, was younger, he wasn't sure how to spell his name.

A Strict Separationist Speaks

When asked in school, he thought, and remembered he knew how to spell "Christmas. We use sparklers instead of crackers.

Kids have a lot of fun with those. Neat and fun list for the day, even if I already knew them all. Merry Xmas. We have Papa Noel. Think of him as the Cajun Santa.

1. The Decorations

I had no idea about the origins of Xmas or candy canes. I would never have expected that a candy cane had some sort of religious symbolism behind it. Very informative list. Well done! Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and safe holiday season! Matters not whether you believe in the divinity of Christ, the sentiment remains the same — Peace, family, love. Wishing all of you, all of that. Creepy Santa pics. Also, the candy cane thing is patently untrue. Another slam on capitalism, huh?

I wonder how long your site would survive without capitalism? I dare you to take down all the ads, stop peddling the books, and stop taking money to support this site. Feed your family on your altruistic ignorance.

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Free enterprise can exist in a socialist system. In fact, "capitalism" as we know it today as definite mixes of socialism in it, because pure capitalism doesn't work. I figured the original reason behind christmas celebration would be on here. The fact that dec 25 is the first day after the winter solstice in which the days get longer. Or the birth of horace also of a virgin and who was ressurrected 3 days after being cruxified.

It's amazing!!!! Santa brought me a Listverse mug about miniatures by some crazy fool named deeziner. I'm awestruck AND full of coffee. Merry Christmas to you Jamie and to all of the other fantastic and interesting people who are here! Keep up the good work in the new year, Jamie :D. Thank you, Jamie, for the beautiful Christmas gift of this List. O Holy Night is also one of favorite hymns and this rendition is lovely.

San Francisco's wild urban legends: The truth behind the myths

I remember the Christmases of my youth, midnight Mass, High Mass in Latin with the Choir singing all of the most amazing hymns and carols, the church atmosphere ablaze with so many candles flickering it seemed to be alive. Happy Christmas. You're just looking for an argument, aren't you? I'm much too happy. Wow that sounds disgusting! I despise religious people because of the things they say and do in the name of their religion…You are all diseased. A very merry Christmas to all my fellow listversers — I hope you all got what you want from Santa.

Enjoy the day! Here's an example of a Christmas Cracker joke. They're normally very horrible and cheesy:. I live in the U. I never realized it probably originated with my Australian grandpa. It explains why none of my friends ever knew what I was talking about when I mentioned them. This list has catholic bias all over it. There's repeated denials about pagan roots in catholicism. The rest are particularly just copied off wikipedia like a lazy homework.. Its weird that the US dont have crackers at christmas, over here in the UK there is not a single household without them.

Xmas in modern times is actually an all encompassing religious way of saying happy 25th of december; Where X is your religious deity. This is a result of political correctness throught out the world, but also a result of the amount of religous deitys prior to the conception of christiany or catholicism, who were born on or around 25th of December, respective to their non-gregorian calendars.

Icelandic Christmas folklore - Wikipedia

My fiance and his family always use the crackers at New Years Eve, but never Christmas. This source suggests that candy canes have been around earlier than the s, were European in origin, and didn't get stripes until early in the 20th century. The notion that they were shaped like a shepherd crook, and handed out to good children in church is still considered a real possibility.

Well Listverse, I'm just stopping by to let you know that I'm out. I'm not coming back to this website ever again, because I feel that the lists worth reading have dwindled down to about two or three a month — not enough for me to check on this website everyday. As a quick analogy to help you understand why I am leaving, it is as if Listverse has become a website that 6 out of every 7 days there's a list with something to do with Star Wars read: the Bible.

I'm outta here! Very interesting and in some aspects very similar to my own Christmas post.

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Would love your opiion of my holiday posting. Don't have a better story, listverse? Xmas is a perfectly acceptable way of shortening Christmas in written notation. AS long as it is also pronounced 'Christmas' when it is being read and not 'Eks—mas'. The list describes the meaning of 'X' very well. It is simply a shortened form of 'Christ'.

What really gets up my nose is when pop stars use the abbreviation incorrectly.

Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends
Not So Merry Christmas: Christmas Urban Legends

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