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He won a scholarship which gave him entry into the British Army, where he was sent to India and served for many years. As a soldier, Baden-Powell rose to public prominence during the war against the Boers in Africa at the end of the s.

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Most noteworthy was his leadership of the defending force in the siege of the South African town of Mafeking. Baden-Powell returned to England as a national hero in having successfully defended the town against the Boers.

Baden-Powell was encouraged to set down his views on how he would apply Scouting to the training of boys. With some 20 boys from all walks of life and suitable adult leaders, Baden-Powell taught the boys what he meant by Scouting. They lived in tents, cooked their own food and learnt many valuable skills through games.

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Every issue sold out as soon as it hit the news stands, despite the cover price of 4d which was expensive at the time. Every other Wednesday until the end of March, boys and girls all over England eagerly awaited the next issue of Scouting for Boys. Baden-Powell finally bowed to the inevitable and accepted that Scouting would have to become a Movement in its own right. Two years later Baden-Powell retired from the army as a General to devote his life to this new Movement called Scouting. Already thinking of developing a training programme for young people in Britain, he was encouraged by friends to rewrite his handbook for soldiers Aids to Scouting for this younger audience.

In Baden-Powell held a camp on Brownsea Island in Poole, Dorset, to try out his ideas and brought together 20 boys from a variety of backgrounds. The success of the camp spurred him on to finish what would become a classic book of the 20th century. Scouting for Boys was published in in six fortnightly parts at 4d a copy. In its first census in , Scouting had almost , participants; over , were young people.

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It was a global phenomenon. As numbers grew, it soon became clear that young people of all ages and in every country wanted to get involved in Scouting.

Wolf Cubs came along for younger Scouts in , followed four years later by Rover Scouts for an older age range. Lord Baden-Powell died in but his legacy continued. Scouting became a byword for adventure, usefulness and global friendship. As the Movement spread across the world, Scouting continued to evolve in the United Kingdom.

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Scouting has never stood still. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site is not sponsored or endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America. All opinions expressed belong to Scouter Mom and her readers.

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Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Scouter Mom with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. The book has 13 chapters.

Here is an overview of the information in the book: Introduction — This chapter introduces the Scout Oath and Law, gives a little history, and explains how the chartering organization fits in the picture. Getting Started — This chapter covers how to find a troop and get registered. This chapter explains that the patrol method allows the youth to lead and then goes on to explain the various leadership positions in the troop. Adult Leadership — This chapter covers the roles of adults in a troop, from the positions for registered adults to other ways parent can support their sons in Scouts BSA.

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It also covers the concept of two-deep leadership. Meetings, Activities, and Administrivia — This chapter explains what typically happens at the different types of meetings such as troop meetings, patrol meetings, and Court of Honors. It also discusses the ways different troops handle things like finances and communication.

SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning
SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning
SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning
SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning
SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning
SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning
SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning
SCOUTS: The Beginning SCOUTS: The Beginning

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