The Silent and the Lost

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Org urges plan to 'repatriate' lost pics; Scorsese calls silents 'essential to our culture'

Early motion pictures give us an important window into our collective past

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    Lost Films, 1907–1928

    Print this page. This undated handout image provided by the Library of Congress shows a motion picture lobby card for D.

    George Harrison Lost Song - The Silent One

    Griffith's "Broken Blossoms" , showing sailors standing over two bodies, lying on the dirt street in Chinatown. NEW YORK - Nearly three-quarters of America's feature-length silent films have been lost, and the legacy that put Hollywood at the forefront of the movie industry from to is endangered, the Library of Congress said Wednesday. The first comprehensive study of American feature-length films of the silent era unveiled by the Library of Congress paints a distressing picture.

    From the Series

    Seventy percent of silent feature-length films have been lost. Classics films such as 's The Great Gatsby , the version of Cleopatra and actor Lon Chaney's London After Midnight are among movies considered lost in their complete form. About 11, silent feature films of American origin were released from through Only 14 percent, or about 1, titles, exist in their original 35 mm format.

    Five percent of the films that did survive are incomplete and 11 percent of those that are complete are in lower-quality 28 mm or 16 mm format or in foreign versions, according to the study.

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    Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese, an advocate of film preservation, said the findings are invaluable. His film Hugo was inspired by pioneering film-maker Georges Melies who directed hundreds of movies in the late s and early s. In Scorsese established The Film Foundation , a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history.

    "Accidentally Preserved" - rare & lost silent films on DVD by Ben Model — Kickstarter

    It has helped to save more than films, according to its website. The report credits overseas archivists with preserving many U.

    The author of the study, historian-archivist David Pierce, also compiled an inventory to help bring American silent films back to the country. I love to work with spatial audio tools and push the stereo field as much as I can to recreate and build my own space. For this album each song had multiple Haas delays running. A favourite tool is sending the field recordings to a gated Haas delay side-chained to percussion, it gives all sorts of wonderful results.

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    Working with 57 speakers built by 4D sound, I re-interpreted my album into a full spatial audio performance, taking the ideas behind the album and then pushing them as far as I could. For me, my music is best heard in this sort of environment. When you can take away all senses except sound and fully envelop the listener in your composition it means you can develop a unique ritual that pushes the audience into a liminal experience. You can begin to explore certain emotions inside a physical environment you have created through sound.

    For me, visual and sound art go hand in hand, an intrinsic relationship with each inspiring the other. The physical nature of the clips created context and grounding for the audience to enter into a visceral experience that explores the relationship between natural environments, aggression and violence. Most of my visual works look to nature for inspiration.

    The Silent and the Lost The Silent and the Lost
    The Silent and the Lost The Silent and the Lost
    The Silent and the Lost The Silent and the Lost
    The Silent and the Lost The Silent and the Lost
    The Silent and the Lost The Silent and the Lost
    The Silent and the Lost The Silent and the Lost
    The Silent and the Lost The Silent and the Lost

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