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Donahue struck out swinging. Wade struck out looking.

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Fredrickson struck out looking. Peck grounded out to 3b. Harrison struck out looking. Brunetti flied out to lf. Medeiros walked; Gelzinis advanced to second; Zima advanced to third. Hoss flied out to lf.

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Murray struck out looking. Dormire reached on a fielder's choice; Melton out at second 2b to ss. Law hit by pitch; Dormire advanced to second. Brady struck out looking. Wadja struck out looking. Zima grounded out to ss. Kerans grounded out to 3b. Fredrickson hit by pitch; Wade advanced to second.

China's social credit score bans some from travel

Peck grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b; Fredrickson out on the play. Harrison grounded out to p. Gelzinis out at second c to ss, caught stealing. Brunetti flied out to cf. Dormire grounded out to p, SAC, bunt; Melton advanced to second. Two years after signing up for Zhima Credit, Lazarus Liu was trending up to that number. I met Liu, who is 27 and works at a large corporation, one Saturday afternoon at a mall in central Shanghai, outside a Forever He wore a black shirt, black sneakers, and black Air Jordan shorts, and his face was framed by a fresh fade, with a jolt of black hair that flopped to one side.

We walked to a Starbucks filled with young people hunched over their phones, sipping peach iced teas and green tea Frappuccinos. Liu claimed the last open table. Liu told me that he chose his English name, Lazarus, after converting to Catholicism three years ago, but that his religion was mostly a private affair.

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He saw his Zhima Credit score the same way; it revealed something about him, but he kept those insights mostly to himself. After starting at out of a possible points, he had reached , a score that entitled him to favorable terms on loans and apartment rentals, as well as showcasing on several dating apps should he and his wife ever split up.

With a few dozen more points, he could get a streamlined visa to Luxembourg, not that he was planning such a trip. As Liu amassed a favorable transaction and payment history on Alipay, his score naturally improved. But it could go down if he neglected to pay a traffic fine, for example. And the privileges that come with a high score might someday be revoked for behaviors that have nothing to do with consumer etiquette.

In June , as 9. The good were moving without obstruction. A threat hung over the rest. It knows that at pm I bought a snack in the mall next to the temple.

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It knows that afterward I got in a Didi car bound for a neighborhood to the northwest. It knows that I then got in a taxi, and that I arrived at my destination at pm. It knows the identification number of the taxi that drove me there. For three sweet hours—one of which I spent in the swimming pool—it does not know my whereabouts. Then it knows that I rented another Ofo bike outside a hotel in central Shanghai, cycled 10 minutes, and at pm parked it outside a popular restaurant.

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The algorithm behind my Zhima Credit score is a corporate secret. Ant Financial officially lists five broad categories of information that feed into the score, but the company provides only the barest of details about how these ingredients are cooked together. Like any conventional credit scoring system, Zhima Credit monitors my spending history and whether I have repaid my loans.

But elsewhere the algorithm veers into voodoo, or worse. Characteristics takes into consideration what kind of car I drive, where I work, and where I went to school. A category called Behavior, meanwhile, scrutinizes the nuances of my consumer life, zeroing in on actions that purportedly correlate with good credit.

Each time I opened the app, I encountered an alarming orange screen. In the foreground was a gauge in the shape of a half-circle, with a dial showing that I had reached only a quarter of my potential.

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An article on the portal Sohu. Retired or nearly retired. According to Sohu, only 5 percent of the population had scores worse than mine. We bought coffee and walked to an outdoor seating area. Chen wore a button-down shirt open over a white T-shirt and skinny jeans. Her hair was bleached to a straw yellow, and a line of sparkly eye shadow was swept under each eye.

On Zhima Credit she clocked in at , and her background color was a calming sky blue. She explained how to boost my score. Only six people accepted. One of my new Alipay friends was a man I used to tutor in English and probably my wealthiest friend in Shanghai. He owned several businesses, a fleet of cars, and a spacious villa in a posh neighborhood.


Fetzima (Levomilnacipran) – Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

But another was my old tailor, who lived with her family in a single room in a dilapidated house, with piles of cloth obscuring the thin windows. And was I dragging both of them down? Chen said she knew the scores of her close friends but not those of acquaintances or work colleagues. There are chat rooms where people with decent scores seek out other high scorers, presumably to boost their ratings.

But in general, people simply make assumptions about which contacts have good credit and which are better left unfriended.

Zima - Score Zima - Score
Zima - Score Zima - Score
Zima - Score Zima - Score
Zima - Score Zima - Score
Zima - Score Zima - Score
Zima - Score Zima - Score
Zima - Score Zima - Score

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